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I teach a strong yet graceful flow of mindfulness and concentration that will continually challenge you, leaving you with a powerful sense of connection, peacefulness and rejuvenation


Emma Crammer is a Yoga instructor and Artist from London who is known for her inspiring Vinyasa flows and beautiful paintings.


Emma grew up inspired by a healthy life style, playing sports and creating art. She started practising yoga in 2005 and completed her first teacher training in India in 2014.


After finishing school she followed a career in Fine Art Painting and now marries the two subjects together.


“If I’m putting a smile on peoples faces then I’m happy, whether It be through a painting or a yoga class...the rewarding feeling of helping people and brightening up their day is indescribable. The gratitude and love I receive from sharing my passion is just a dream.”


Click on the menu tab and browse the site for more information about Emma’s journey, class schedule and up coming retreats.

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