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I discovered yoga at the age of 17 and totally fell in love with the practice. I completed my yoga teacher training with Trimurti in India 2014 and went on to train in Pre & Post-natal yoga with Katy Appleton, Pregnancy Yoga with Mel Campbell, Kids & Partner yoga with Rainbow Yoga London and Chakra Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea. I infuse knowledge from every teacher I have learnt from to create my own unique and 'juicy' Vinyasa flow.


My Qualifications.


• RYT300 Advanced training, Fit, Flow, Fly with Beyond Bryce, 2019

• RYT200 Trimurti Yoga, India, March 2014

• Chakra Vinyasa with Shiva Rea, London, June 2015

• Prenatal Yoga with Mel Campbell, Brighton, July 2015

• Rainbow kids Yoga, London, August 2015

• Sun Moon Partner Yoga, London, November 2015

• Pre and Post natal Yoga, Mum & Baby Yoga, and baby massage, with Katy Appleton, May 2016



I aim to teach beautifully choreographed Vinyasa classes that are focused on breathing, movement and meditation, enriched by my passion and knowledge of elemental flow, the chakra system, and the eight limbs of yoga. I'm calm in nature which creates a comfortable and grounding space to practice. My classes are tailored to all levels with attention to detail and alignment. I teach a strong yet graceful flow of mindfulness and concentration that will continually challenge you, leaving you with a powerful sense of connection, peacefulness and rejuvenation. I find genuine happiness through helping and inspiring my students on their journey through strengthening body and mind.

This website is my next step, a hub or community if you will, to share all things yoga, and add to what I teach in my classes. To help and even inspire others, to feed people with the tools to create a healthier, more peaceful life for themselves and their loved ones.






My yoga journey began when I was 17. I used to attend classes with the greatest woman I know, the woman who introduced me to yoga (thank you Mum!). I initially really enjoyed the physical practice, I loved sport and was an avid netball player. I was really competitive and was rarely seen anywhere but the sports hall (or the art room). I found yoga a challenge which I loved, gradually my body became stronger and more flexible with each class and it felt amazing. I was hooked. The more I practiced the more I became aware of so much more yoga was offering and giving me. My mind was blown by this new spiritual path of energy and realisation I was embodying and embarking on. I had found a yoga teacher who really inspired me, unlike anyone I had ever met (thank you Denny Burfield). I was captured by her knowledge of yoga and was excited to get to class and on my mat every week. After falling in love with yoga I found that I had a hunger to know more. I wanted yoga to be a part of my everyday life and I wanted everyone to experience the same feeling that it gave me and still gives me to this day.






My journey eventually led me to India, where I trained for my YA 200hour ttc at Trimurti Yoga in Goa. Finally, a place to live, breathe and feel yoga for a full month. To be totally immersed morning till night and not just for an hours class at the gym. The training was exhaustingly brilliant in every way and was transformational. Public speaking or teaching was never my forte - the thought of speaking in front of a group of people and being judged or criticised would make me extremely nervous, but thankfully through yoga I came to find my true identity and voice. I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to live my life and knew that it just felt right.

I have had the honour of training with some amazing teachers since my time in India; Delemay Devi, Shiva Rea, Dylan Werner, Katy Appleton, Adrian Tribble, Denny Burfield, and my yoga tribe at Trimurti have all helped shape me into the teacher I am today.





From my budding days at school I had chosen to follow a creative career in the world of fine art painting. I had a very short attention span and was a professional day dreamer but seemed to excel in the physical and creative realm. I loved sport and to draw and paint, most predominately inspired to paint the female form and portraits of my friends and family, funnily enough most often in a yoga pose (myself and the subject!) I enjoyed capturing the beauty of the human figure and the raw character in people's faces. Painting was my meditation, my happy place, the place where I was totally immersed and lost track of time. Fine Art at university was a struggle for me. I felt pressured to dig for a deeper meaning behind my paintings when really all I wanted to do was paint what I liked and be left alone in my own little world of brush strokes and colour. I was often negatively criticised by the harsh teachers there which knocked my confidence greatly. What led from a subject which once brought confidence, peace and happiness soon seemed to fill my world with a lot of down days and anxiety. It was the first time in my life I felt that I didn't fit in, I doubted myself and felt I wasn't good enough. I soon picked up my brushes and swiftly left university to work for myself as a freelance artist...hoorah!

I began painting commissioned pieces from a little studio in my garden in Essex. The art jobs I received were often very exciting and there were many hours of great focus and dedication spent working on detailed pieces to complete as well as the odd day here and there of dancing around my studio like nobody was watching...(they really weren't) I was very alone with nothing but my music and my paint brush, which probably sounds great! But eventually the creative blocks began to take their toll. Staring into a blank canvas for weeks on end will eventually drive you stir crazy and rather skint! I had skills but nothing was happening. I was spending hours, weeks and months on pieces that I criticised to no end. I had no real business plan, with no real idea on what I was doing, whilst also dealing and coping with the usual issues and insecurities of a young girl growing up in today's society. I found myself gradually becoming more and more unhappy. I needed a change. I asked myself, what was the one thing I could turn to that would give me a sense of being and contentment? The answer...My yoga mat. My yoga mat was my absolute saviour and became my happy place and saving grace.

I now balance my yoga and art life together. I teach every day and take on commissions when they arise.


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